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Most gigs Dorian plays these days are with his swinging trio. Yet recordings to date have all been with larger groups. But for years Dorian has wanted to record the group with which he plays live. At last the long-awaited trio CD has arrived. In a career that has seen him record for both EMI and ABC Jazz, and chart overseas, Dorian’s emerged with a soulful trio recording, close to his heart, that’s sure to impress.

Adding to the anticipation, recently tracks were submitted for the ABC Radio Awards. His hard work was rewarded with an award for Best Jazz Composition for Lydia’s Waltz, which he wrote for his wife and Best Instrumental for Blondie, Variations on Debussy’s The Girl with the Flaxen Hair, which he penned for his mother. So this fabulous new CD is off to an auspicious start!

Aside from continuing to work and develop as a professional jazz musician, Dorian has forged a career as an author of laugh-out-loud funny books. Therefore, his long awaited trio CD is in fact a companion piece to his bestselling funny and moving memoir The Mozart Maulers, Penguin Books (ISBN 0 14 100320 0). An abridged audio recording of the book has since been played twice on Radio National. And a screenplay of the book was funded by the FFC for 10.4 mil not so long ago.

The book is a comedy based on the true story of the rugby league team Dorian formed as a young student at The Sydney Conservatorium of Music at the behest of his psychiatrist as a kind of ‘anger therapy’. It’s a mad story but each song on the CD has some connection with the book.

As well as being a worthy companion piece to the novel, the CD contains some suitably radio friendly tracks, from the award winning Lydia’s Waltz, to the pensive latin of Tribute to a Fool, to the gospel anthem of I’ll Be There as well as many dreamy jazz classics and sketches on classical composers.

Here’s what the press has already said about his music…

Mode swings stylishly with songs that conjure up late night moods through their upbeat
melancholy and seductive grooves.

Dorian Mode crafts songs to take the listener on a journey. They tell old stories of loves lost and hearts broken, but with individual quirks of perspective and imagery. – JOHN SHAND - SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

Dorian Mode is a wonderful artist as a vocalist, composer and arranger. His originals have a tone of hopeless longing. I could not help but be absorbed in listening. - SWING JOURNAL (JAPAN)

Mode shares a lot of characteristics with other jazz artists such as Vince Jones and Harry Connick Jnr; a sense of heritage and delivery that is somehow simultaneously warm yet cool and the power to fill a room with a velvet ambience that enshrouds and engulfs. - ON THE STREET

I was impressed after listening to him. The complicated harmony used to create a more sensual sound makes him not only vocally, but instrumentally appealing. - AD LIB MAGAZINE (JAPAN)

A cafe in venice
1 Cafe Of Broken Dreams 4.59 (Dorian Mode)
2 Ocean Of Emotion 4.02 (Dorian Mode)
3 Street Of Dreams 3.06 (Young/Lewis)
4 The Night Joe Met The Ghost Of Charlie Parker 0.42 (Interview/Exempt)
5 Sing 'O' The Times 6.29 (Prince)
6 At Midnight 5.18 (Dorian Mode)
7 Oxford St 5.54 (Dorian Mode)
8 Darn That Dream 4.50 (Van Heusen)
9 Alas, That Was The Winter Of My Discount Tent 2.39 (Dorian Mode)
10 Out Of The Rain 4.39 (Dorian Mode)
11 I'll Pick Up My Tears And Leave 7.43 (Dorian Mode)
12 A Hot Steam Night In The City 4.11 (Dorian Mode)
13 Nature Boy 2.52 (Eden Ahbez)
14 Joe's Closing Comment 0.13 (Exempt)

Dorian Mode is one of Australia's leading jazz singer/pianists. Born in Sydney in 1966, he was schooled in the Eastern Suburbs and sat for a degree in composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Later, he released an independent C.D. with the cheeky title: Man, Dig that Groovy Mode. This earned Dorian a publishing contract with Mushroom Music and a record deal in Japan.

He was eventually signed to EMI Records and released Rebirth of the Cool. A homage to Miles Davis, this album featured some of Australia's finest jazz musicians (Bernie McGann, Mike Bukovsky, Adam Armstrong). The mercurial success of this album culminated in it reaching number two on the Adult Contemporary Chart in Japan - knocking off artists such as Sinead O'Connor and Al Jarreau. (He has also appeared on several compilation albums in Japan with artists such as: Georgie Fame, Cassandra Wilson and more.) One of the tracks was also nominated for best jazz composition in the 1992 APRA Awards.

In 1994, Dorian teamed up with acclaimed blind jazz pianist /arranger, Julian Lee (who has worked with Billy May, George Shearing, Peggy Lee and more) to record: Cafe of Broken Dreams for ABC Records. This recording was critically acclaimed and later that year, Dorian was invited to perform at the Montslevat Jazz Festival, supporting the McCoy Tyner Trio.

Since then, Dorian has lived and worked in London and New York, performed at venues across Australia (including the Sydney Opera House) and on TV shows such as, Hey Hey it's Saturday, Tonight Live with Steve Vizard, The Today Show, In Sydney Today, In Brisbane Today, Good Morning Perth, 11AM and many more. He has also written the music for a series of travel shows for FOX Television in the US.

Away from music, Dorian has always shown a talent for writing. Recently, he penned a comic novel called A Cafe in Venice. This has just been released on Penguin Books.

He recently finished recording a new album (to be released Feb 2002) also called A Café in Venice on La Brava, (to go with the book) with leading players such as Don Rader, Jason Morphett, Dave Pudney.

Adding to the literary career, he has also written an autobiographical screenplay (currently in pre production) based on his time at the Conservatorium, entitled: The Mozart Maulers. Its director, calls it "a laugh out loud comedy that is Australia's answer to the Full Monty". Martin Brown (Moulin Rouge, Romeo & Juliet) is the film's producer.

He is currently the head of the jazz dept at the Central Coast Conservatorium of Music.


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