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This CD was released last month in Japan and now in Australia. It entered Swing Journal Jazz Vocal Charts at No. 2 and has been described there as “jazz vocals masterpiece”.

Janet Seidel has been described as “first lady of Australian jazz singing” in the “Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD” (UK). Though perhaps not a typical jazz singer, in the clichéd sense of the word, she is a stylist and interpreter and is regarded in Japan and some other countries as ranking in the Top 10 female jazz vocalists in the world today.

The songs by Mancini are timeless. The recording is audiophile quality. The sublime vocals are matched with the brilliant piano of Melbourne’s Joe Chindamo, and the deep, spacious backgrounds provided by Chuck Morgan, David Seidel (and Fabian Hevia on several tracks), enhance every move.

Track List

1. Dreamsville 4.11
2. Slow Hot Wind 3.26
3. Straight To Baby 3.31
4. Whistling Away the Dark 3.31
5. Days Of Wine and Roses 4.14
6. Charade 3.28
7. Nothing To Lose 3.57
8. Dear Heart 3.26
9. The Loss Of Love 2.33
10. Mr Lucky 4.49
11. Moment To Moment 6.28
12. Crazy World 6.11
13. (I Love You) Don’t You Forget it 2.24
14. Two For the Road 6.09

Janet Seidel - vocal,
Joe Chindamo - piano,
Chuck Morgan - guitar,
David Seidel - bass,
Fabian Hevia - drums/bongos.

Recorded by Richard Lush
Produced by David Seidel
High Resolution mastering by Rick O’Neil

Distributed in Australia by The Planet Company (MGM)



We Get Requests

1 A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
2 My Attorney Bernie
3 But Not For Me
4 Your Feet’s Too Big
5 Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend
6 Cry Me A River
7 They Can’t Take That Away From Me
8 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
9 Brenda’s Request (dialogue)
10 Johnny Guitar
11 Why Don’t You Do Right (Get Me Some Money Too)
12 A Foggy Day
13 The Look of Love:
14 I’m an Old Cowhand
15 Them There Eyes
16 All The Way
17 You Do Something to Me
18 My Baby Just Cares for Me


Moon of Manakoora

When Lights Are Low
No Moon At All
Twilight Time
Till There Was You
The Moon Of Manakoora
Don't Be That Way
Tres Palabras
Deep Purple
Linger Awhile
Dream A Little Dream Of Me
April In Portugal
Falling In Love Again

Janet Seidel's "Moon Of Manakoora" was originally produced for a Japanese record label and released there in July 2005, where it reached Number 1 on the prestigious jazz vocal chart of Japan's Swing Journal.

In November 2005, La Brava Music issued it for the Australian market and what a delightful album it is.

It features Janet Seidel's warmest ever vocals in a dreamy jazz repertoire, with the amazing Chuck Morgan on ukulele and guitars, David Seidel on bass, with Billy Ross and Laurie Bennett sharing duties on drums and percussion.

Janet Seidel and combo

Guitarists who can double on banjo are often reluctant to admit it in case they are actually asked to play the damn thing. That goes double if you mention the word "ukulele." But just listen to the hotter white dance bands of the 1920s - Roger Wolfe Kahn, Jean Goldkette and so on - and you'll find the uke strumming away sweet and hot under the vocals. It was the primary social instrument of the young middle-class during that roaring decade, as the piano had been in the 1890s and as the guitar would be from the 1950s. Its return to the world of the jazz ensemble is long overdue.

So it is actually timely and indeed beautiful that Chuck Morgan, the erstwhile guitarist in Janet Seidel's trio, should argue the case for the uke on Ms Seidel's newest album, The Moon of Manakoora. Morgan is a superb artist and brings his considerable skill and subtly to this neglected instrument, drawing from it the gentle, sweet, syncopated colour it can display in the hands of a sensitive musician. This is a song collection for long summer nights, for Pims and lemonade, the spray of Aerogard and the sizzle of the barbeque. So for Janet's re-conception of Twilight Time, for example, shorn of its bright 50s apparel and slipping into something more comfortable, Morgan's uke is made to measure.

In fact it's tempting to regard this as Janet's finest album for some time. On almost all the tracks here, she is at her most relaxed and swinging, while the settings for each number are felicitously tropical. Till There Was You, a kind of reduction sauce of the celebrated Peggy Lee version, is effortlessly relaxed, as is the opening track, the Benny Carter classic When Lights Are Low. Delicado apart - which sounds somewhat forced and unlikely in such company - everything comes together so well that it seems surprising the ukulele has been absent from small group swing for so long: let's hope Chuck Morgan features it permanently in the Seidel ensemble. I'm only sorry that the entertaining story of how this CD came into being is told only in the press release that comes with the recording, not in the disc notes themselves.

Phillip Sametz has performed and recorded with the Janet Seidel trio.

Delovely - Live at the Woodfire

The Music of Cole Porter - live CD

Delovely is Janet's new cabaret CD recorded at Sydney's rare and intimate venue The Woodfire. The recording by Sydney musician and engineer John Morrison beautifully captures the atmosphere of the venue not to mention the easy and natural performances of Janet and her trio. The repertoire consists of both the well known Cole Porter songs along with some rarer items from his catalogue.

The CD is one night's performance just as played on the night, no overdubs, no fixes - just the music - one take only. The show generally runs close to 90 minutes, so for the sake of brevity much of the dialogue was edited out. On the night before the recording, the audience included one Warren Mitchell, who approached Janet backstage at the end of the show describing her performance as "a tour de-f____ing-force!".

Concert Review of Delovely at the National Gallery of Australia

â??Her unadorned crystal clear voice and infectious humour and patter it is a winning combination. Featuring the very best of Cole Porter, Janet and her band perform memorable favourites like, I Get a Kick Out of You, Night and Day, Love For Sale and many more…..

Janet offered us a uniquely personal, classic and sophisticated take on the greatest American lyricist and composer in one, Cole Porter. Porter's output of 800 songs is a rich booty to plunder, but Janet made it her own. Its hard not to compare her to Doris Day, Peggy Lee or even the more eccentric Blossom Dearie, all of whom she has performed tributes to in her career, and it's definitely fair to say that her understanding of the classics is equal to that of those legendary greats……

Reviewed by Greg Marginson (City News, Canberra)


Hooray for Christmas

more info to come...


Dear Blossom
1 Surrey with the Fringe on top
2 Dear Blossom
3 I'm Shadowing You
4 Hey John
5 I Like You, You're nice
6 Comment allez-vous?
7 Once Upon a Summertime
8 Peel Me a Grape
9 I'm Hip
10 A Paris
11 It's too good to talk about now
12 Bruce
13 Moonlight Savin' Time
14 My Attorney Bernie
15 You Fascinate me so
16 Pro Musica Antiqua
17 Figure eight
18 My Gentleman Friend

Someone should send Janet Seidel flowers for her delicate and engaging tribute to a truly eccentric music talent, the ageless Blossom Dearie. She takes a repesentative sample from her catalogue and sings with a touch of the breathy feyness that characterises a Dearie song.

She sings the politically charged I'm Shadowing You and finds the erotic subtext in a simple song about the number eight. She's Down on Love and has an unfortunate and very funny encounter at the Pro Musica Antiqua.

Along the way, we learn a little of ....... her continuing love of the witty and offbeat, the tender and the not too sentimental.

We also learn that Seidel is a very fine singer in a very cool way with a light touch on the keys.

- Ewart Shaw THE ADVERTISER June 18th 2004


The Art of Lounge - vol 3

"...The art returns... the art seems to be in the right place"

"... humour, energy, vocal resonance, rhythmic poise and emotional presence"

"... there"s a real power in that sense of intimacy and allows her to reveal the faded elegance of another world"

Leon Gettler: The Age, Melbourne


Don't Smoke in Bed
Blues in the Night 5:09
You do Something to Me 3:18
He's a Tramp 2:48
Things are Swingin' 2:23
Forever 5:18
Johnny Guitar 4:15
It Takes a Long Train
with a Tied Caboose
Black Coffee 5:48
Why Don't ya do Right? 2:44
I Don't Know Enough About You 3:12
Bella Notte/La la lu 4:35
Mr. Wonderful 3:48
Bye Bye Blues 2:23
The Folks Who Live on the Hill 3:02
Street of Dreams 4:22
Don't Smoke in Bed 3:46


Doris & Me
1 Somebody Love Me/ Blue Skies 4.55
2 Sentimental Journey 2.54
3 Secret Love 3.34
4 I'll String Along With You 4.12
5 My Dreams Are
Getting Better All The Time/
Let's Be Buddies/
I May Be Wrong
6 I've Got The Sun In The Morning 2.17
7 Embraceable You 3.06
8 It's Magic 4.12
9 Canadian Capers 2.58
10 To Marvellous For Words 2.13
11 I Know That You Know 0.58
12 Crazy Rhythm 1.52
13 Tea For Two/ Do Do Do 3.19
14 The Very Thought Of You 2.55
15 The Way You Look Tonight 1.33
16 Lullaby Of Broadway 2.10
17 Love Me Or Leave Me 3.15
18 Ten Cents A Dance 3.21
19 Close Your Eyes 2.02
20 Perhaps 2.40
21 Windy City 1.36
22 Pillow Talk/ Please Don't Eat The Daisies/Teachers Pet 3.49
23 Que Sera Sera 2.07
24 Please Don't Talk About Me 2.53

A review on the Cabaret Hotline of the Sydney 2000 Cabaret convention by David Schwartz, which was published 11 July 2000, said:

Janet Seidel, performer in some of Sydney's finest hotels and veteran of several cabaret conventions, performed a beautiful set of songs associated with the career of Doris Day and made this material seem charming and unhackneyed.

Though this was an excerpt from her show Doris and Me, Ms. Seidel managed to convince us that this performance could stand alone.

Although she did not set out to say very much about the human condition, Janet Seidel's smooth delivery, combined with the tart irony of her script, made for good listening.

In this case she had clearly avoided the problems associated with performing part of another show by creating something entirely new.

Perhaps others could take note of her ability to do this.

David Schwartz writes in the June 99 Sydney Cabaret Convention online review:

Last night was the opening night and the Cabaret Space at the Sydney Town Hall was filled. The night began with an opportunity to hear one of the really smooth piano and bass duos of this country, Janet and David Seidel. This sister/brother team is one of the treasures of Sydney and should be heard more widely.

The highlights for me were...truly elegant jazz styling by Janet Seidel, a cool professional with a sort of Barbara Carroll sensibility. She did a great rendition of Hoagy C's Skylark.

Get hold of a couple of their CDs and hear for yourself what artistry these two and their jazz colleagues are capable of.


Love Letters
1 Love Letters
2 Small Fry
3 Lazybones
4 Baltimore Oriole
5 True Love
6 Nature Boy
7 Old Rocking Chair
8 Stardust
9 The Nearness Of You
10 In A Sentimental Mood
11 It Ain't Necessarily So
12 Every Time We Say Goodbye
13 Moon River


Comme Ci Comme Ca
1 And The Angels Sing (Les Anges Qui Chantent)
2 Dance In The Old Fashioned Way (Les Plaisirs Demodes)
3 I Wish You Love (Que Reste T'il De Nos Amourse Trenet)
4 Once Upon A Summertime Smile (Ton Sourire Dans Mon Coeur)
5 Windmills Of Your Mind (Moulins De Mon Couer)
6 These Foolish Things (C'Est Petits Choses)
7 C'Est Si Bon (It's So Good)
8 L'Ete 45 (Summer Of 42)
9 I Will Wait For You (Les Parapluies De Cherbourg)
10 A Man And A Woman (U'n Homme Et Une Femme)
11 Tout Doucement (Softly, Softly)
12 Padam (How It Echoes, The Beat Of My Heart)
13 J'Attendrai (I Will Wait)


The Art Of Lounge - vol 2
1 ? 4.04
2 Lonesome Mood 3.12
3 ? 4.02
4 Oh How My Heart ? For You 2.03
5 They Say It's Wonderful 3.49
6 You're A Lucky Guy 3.06
7 It Had Better Be Tonight 3.05
8 Perhaps 2.99
9 Slow Boat To China 3.10
10 Spanish ? 4.28
11 Skylark 4.02
12 Always Something
There To Remind Me
13 Button Up Your Overcoat 3.29
14 You Belong To Me 4.06
15 Can't We Talk It Over 3.08
16 Sentimental Journey 3.46

"... My recommendation is to try the sophisticated mix that Janet Seidel so effortlessly provides."

"...(Nothing) can hide the subtle, modest artistry Janet and her judiciously chosen coterie of musicians bring to standards such as Poinciana and Skylark."

"...Janet purveys this music across the country with great elegance."

Craig Pearce: Drum Media, Sydney


The Way You Wear Your Hat
1 Lazy River 4.02
2 Pick Yourself Up 2.58
3 My One And Only Love 6.52
4 Poor Butterfly 4.58
5 Corcovado (Quiet Nights) 5.49
6 My Foolish Heart 4.42
7 Tenderly 3.35
8 Manha De Carnival 5.59
9 Someone To Watch Over Me 5.20
10 They Can't Take That Away From Me 5.18

"...her singing voice, warm, mature and confident does wonders"

"...she displays a lithe and effortless sense of swing"

"...Her excellent diction never deserts her"

"...All the vocals are beautifully conceived"

"...Altogether a very welcome addition to the growing track record of this fine singer whom I would rate as the current leader of a rather large world class pack of Australians."

Bruce Crowther: Jazz Journal International (UK)


1 Doodlin' 3.22
2 Nice Work If You Can Get It 3.24
3 Lady Be Good/The President 3.50
4 Lonely One 3.38
5 The Best Thing For You 3.01
6 Baby It's Cold Outside 3.05
7 In A Gypsy Tea Room 3.03
8 I Was Doing All Right 3.41
9 Stairway To The Stars 4.30
10 Where Or When 4.22
11 Jitterbug Waltz 3.51
12 Dedicated To You 4.45
13 I've Got Just About Everything I Need 3.00
14 You And I 3.16
15 Two Sleepy People 4.35


The Art Of Lounge - vol 1
1 The Very Thought Of You
2 To Say Goodbye
3 Comes Love
4 I've Got A Crush On You
5 I Got Lost In His Arms
6 At Sundown
7 The Sweetest Sounds
8 Fools Rush In
9 Gee Boby
10 Mas Que Nada
11 Love For Sale
12 I Had The Craziest Dream
13 Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
14 Black Is The Colour


Winter Moon
1 Seems Like Old Times 4.19
2 Just You, Just Me 2.50
3 Nuages 4.33
4 For Heaven's Sake 4.43
5 Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone 3.09
6 Golden Earrings 4.22
7 Cocktails For Two 4.33
8 Change Partners 4.19
9 Baby Won't You Please Come Home 3.01
10 Prelude To A Kiss 4.52
11 Down With Love 2.58
12 Big Bad Bill 2.57
13 There I Go Again 4.43
14 Harlem Nocturne 3.32
15 Winter Moon 4.11
16 Fascinatin' Rhythm 3.40


Little Jazz Bird
1 September In The Rain 2.28 (Dubin/warren)
2 42nd Street 3.10 (Dubin/warren)
3 Embraceable You 3.59 (George/Ira Gershwin)
4 Skylark 4.19 (mercer/Carmichael)
5 Willow Weep For Me 4.29 (Ronnell)
6 Slow Hot Wind 3.15 (Mancini/Gimbel)
7 My Ship 5.09 (Gershwin/Weill)
8 Cheek To Cheek 4.05 (Berlin)
9 Them There Eyes 2.32 (Tracey/Tauber/Pinkard)
10 Like Someone In Love 3.32 (van Heusen/Burke)
11 Lush Life 4.59 (Strayhorn)
12 I'm Old Fashioned 3.16 (kern/Mercer)
13 Sooner Or Later 3.45 (Sondheim)
14 That Old Black Magic 2.59 (Arlen/Mercer)
15 In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning 3.41 (Mann/Hillard)
16 Come Back To Me 2.21 (lane/Lerner)
17 Little Jazz Bird 2.52 (George/Ira Gershwin)


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